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Indonesia Domain Name Registration

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Domain name registration in Indonesia is one way to promote your company brand locally. If you are doing online advertising, then it is preferred to have a company website first. And in the process of website construction, domain name registration is an important link. Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s top emerging market and also rapidly becoming an important player in the global market. Your domain name is your brand and your brand represent you. The following is a brief introduction to ID domain in Indonesia.

Overview of a .ID Domain
When searching online, Indonesian internet users expect to see website addresses with .ID domain names. .CO.ID is a second level domain for Indonesia, which is short, professional and memorable helping your website stand out in a sea of content online.

.CO domain names are renowned worldwide and recognized across many languages and continents as an alternative for the saturated .COM namespace. With an emphasis on .CO for corporation, company and commerce, .CO.ID is the natural choice for Indonesian business. Whether you are an Indonesian local, a small business owner, a banker or a miner, a .CO.ID domain name is for you. With a .CO.ID domain name you will rank higher in local search results and in the hearts of the locals.

Benefits of a .ID Domain
Here are the reasons why.ID is beneficial for your business:
(1) .ID is a famous domain suffix in Indonesia. Local consumers trust websites using their country code because it shows affiliation and commitment.
(2) Indonesia is home to more than 250 million internet users. This means a bigger market for your business.
(3) If you have a .ID website, it will be easier to present and introduce your brand name to the Indonesian people.
(4) .ID is a good alternative to .COM domains. If your company name is already registered in .COM or .ORG, your other ideal option is .ID since it can mean identity or identification.
(5) ID is good for local targeting. ID domains can help in organic SEO. Drive highly quality Indonesian traffic to your website.

General Requirements on Domain Registration
The domain name must match the naming criteria:
1. Domain name must respect and not in conflict with IPR, Patents/Brands.
2. For the domain and, if the requirements of SIUP/TDP, Certification, Tax Number (NPWP) and others are in the process of establishing, then a Reference Letter/ Statement Letter from the Public Notary should be attached.
3. If deemed necessary the Indonesian Internet Domain Name Registry (PANDI), may request clarification in the form of a Statement Letter/Description/Explanation, please refer to Article 23 paragraph (2) of Law no. 11/2008 about ITE.
4. The domain validity period is one or two years from the approval date of the domain name.

Brand protection is of great importance. Registering your brand name in Indonesia is one of the best preventative measures you can take to secure your trademark and combat copyright infringement. Register your perfect .CO.ID domain name as early as possible. Tannet is glad to help. We can also assist you in company setup, trademark/patent registration in Indonesia.

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