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Australia Barcode Application

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Australia barcode application makes it easier for your products to enter in to the local market. Once your barcode numbers and product details are registered on the major barcode/product databases on the internet they will join the millions of products currently registered in these databases. This means that if these databases are searched for your barcode, your product details appear, and once the search engines have done their indexing, an internet search of your barcode will find your product.

To start creating barcodes, you need to become a GS1 Australia member. Your annual GS1 Australia membership includes:
1. Ongoing use of unique GS1 barcode numbers;
2. A wide range of complimentary (or discounted) training and support;
3. Complimentary and discounted barcode verification;
4. Member pricing on all GS1 Australia services;
5. Participation in standards development;
6. Access to best practice information and standards for supply chain management;
7. Exclusive access to a vast local and global network of industry representatives and expertise.

Types of EAN/UPC Barcodes
There are four different types of EAN/UPC barcodes you can use:
1. EAN-8
This encodes a GTIN-8, which is allocated directly by GS1 Australia or any other GS1 organisation. EAN-8 barcodes are used to identify small items only.

2. EAN-13
This encodes a GTIN-13, and is used to identify the vast majority of trade items in the retail supply chain.

3. UPC-A
This encodes a GTIN-12, and is used to identify some products being exported to North America.

4. UPC-E
This encodes a GTIN-12, but uses a zero-suppression method to compress into an 8-digit format for use on smaller packages. 

Steps to Barcode Implementation
Step 1: Get a GS1 Company Prefix;
Step 2: Assign numbers;
Step 3: Select a barcode printing process;
Step 4: Select a "primary" scanning environment;
Step 5: Select a barcode;
Step 6: Pick a barcode size;
Step 7: Format the barcode text;
Step 8: Pick a barcode colour;
Step 9: Pick the barcode placement;
Step 10: Build a barcode quality plan.

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