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Overseas Barcodes Record Filing

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Oversesa barcode record filing refers to foreign enterprises which produce or distribute products with barcodes registered abroad should file for record with the relevant Chinese authorities if they are going to sell their products in China’s market. A barcode is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode. Although there is no law that you must have a barcode, most retailers and distributors will require you to have one for inventory and sales records purposes when you want to sell your products in their countries.

Conditions for Record Filing of Barcodes Registered Abroad
1. Domestic enterprises have foreign products barcode printed on the product, which are produced and sold in China;
2. Imported products with oversesa barcodes need to be sold in China.

Information Needed for Record Filing of Barcodes Registered Abroad
1. photocopies of the business licence and other relevant business qualification certificates acquired in accordance with the law;
2. certificate of company prefix obtained abroad, or other legal certification documents and a photocopy of their Chinese translation (with the stamp of the translation company affixed);
3. a duly completed record filing form with company stamp affixed;
4. brand registration certificate (if any);
5. Enterprise record filing form for using barcodes registered abroad;
6. statement of record filing  for overseas barcodes.

Processing Procedures for Record Filing of Barcodes Registered Abroad
- Applicants should fill out the Record Filing Form for Use of Product Barcodes Registered Abroad in triplicate with the company stamp affixed;
- Information verified as complete will be submitted to the ANCC for processing;
- Applicants granted approval to file their records will be issued the Notice of Record Filing on Use of Product Barcodes Registered Abroad.

Processing Time 
Normally, the filling for record of barcode registered abroad in China takes 10-15 working days.

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