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Singapore Visa Application

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Singapore visa application is necessary for those who want to enter this country. There is only one visa category “Entry Visa” for all nationals of countries who need to apply for a visa to enter Singapore. Visa can only be applied within 30 days from the proposed date of entry into Singapore. Visa application is required for citizens or passport holders of the following countries.

1. Nationals of Assessment Level 1 Countries
India, People's Republic of China (including holders of Hong Kong Document of Identity and Macau Special Administrative Region Travel Permit), Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Democratic people’s Republic of Korea and Commonwealth of Independent States (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan).

2. Nationals of Assessment Level 2 Countries
Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Nigeria and holders of Palestinian Authority Passport, Temporary Passport issued by the United Arab Emirates, Refugee Travel Document issued by Middle-East countries and Australian Travel Document.

Information Needed for Visa Application in Singapore
You can apply for your visa through any one of the authorized visa agents. Visa applications will be accepted only when all the following documents are in order:

Fully completed visa application form;
1. 1 recent coloured passport size photograph adhered to the form;
2. Photocopy of your passport pages and any valid visas to other countries;
3. Photocopy of your air-tickets and/or confirmed itinerary (state the number of times you wish to enter Singapore i.e. whether you are applying for double-journey or multiple journey under Period of Visa/Visa applied for at Part II of Page 2 of Visa Application Form);
4. Letter of Introduction in (PDF format) from a local company or company in Singapore. Level 2 nationals are especially advised to provide LOI for their travels to Singapore. Official letters from MFA or other government ministries (with English translation) from government ministries will also be accepted;
5. All documents in Arabic, including official letters, should be translated into English language, otherwise it will result in a delay in processing; and
6. A local mobile or telephone number for contact when visa is approved.

Processing Time for Visa Application in Singapore
The processing of the visa will commence on the date when all documents are received in order and not when the incomplete application is first received. The normal processing time for application for visas by Level 2 countries is at least 5 working days excluding the day of submission and the week-ends. For Level 1 countries, the processing time is at least 3 working days, excluding the day of submission and the weekends. The authorised visa agents will liaise with the Singapore Embassy for the collection of the visa for the applicant.

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