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China Residence Permit Application

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China Residence Permit Application Service
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In accordance with the Chinese Exit-Entry Administration Law, all foreigners have to register with the Public Security Bureau (PSB) within 24 hours of arrival. This is a legal requirement and, if not done, could jeopardize the application process. For foreigners who are employed in China, their accompanying relatives (spouses, parents, and children under 18 years of age) may simultaneously apply for residence permits with same length of stay as that of the employee. Foreigners with residence permits may travel to and from China during the validity of their residence.

In order to obtain a residence permit, applicants need the following documents:
(1) Passport containing the relevant entry visa;
(2) Passport photo;
(3) Accommodation/Residence Registration obtained from the local PSB office;
(4) Completed application form;
(5) Job contract and work permit, or enrolment documentation (provided by employer or educational institution);
(6) Medical exam results.

An appointment should be made at the PSB office to present the documents. An interview is conducted, which is often a formality rather than an in-depth interview. It is advisable not to leave China before the residence permit is issued, as a new entry visa needs to be issued to return to the country.

Residency for Family Members
Spouses and children of foreigners coming to work in China are permitted to apply for the same visa and residence permit as their relative. The process is similar to that described for the principal applicant. Each family member is required to apply and to pay the appropriate fee. Some employers may assist with this procedure.

Renewal of Residence Permits
The same documents are needed to renew residence permits as for new permits. The expiring residence permit should also be supplied, provided that the individual is still working for the same employer or studying at the same institution. The sponsoring company should help, but the process should be started well before the original permit expires. It is possible to change employers or place of study, but the new sponsor needs to take care of the paperwork at the local PSB office.

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