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Shanghai Work Visa Application

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Shanghai Work Visa Application Service
Shanghai hotline: 021-68877368

Application procedure of foreigners' work visa is very cumbersome for they have to go to many government departments. A lot of customers submit documents blindly, resulting in getting a refusal. With regard to work visa, we offer the following related professional service.

Application conditions for work visa:
1. If foreigners work in Shanghai, Alien Employment License, Work Permit, Health Certificate, avaible passport is essential.
2. Be in health, and be emplyed a certain enterprise.
3. Necessary professional skills related to the job, suitable education background, and at least 2 years work experience.
4. No criminal record.
5. Age Scope: 18 to 60 years old (Male), 18-55 years old (Female).

Related documents for Alien Employment License Application
Application letter for Foreign Employee( explain the hire reason, occupation and duration, with the company official chapter on it. If hired by the branch company, parent company chapter is also needed.)
1. Bussiness License (copy), approval certificate (copy);
2. Organization Code Certificate (copy);
3. Resume (including final degree and complete work experience, printed in Chinese, with the employer stamp on it);
4. Related qualifications for the occupation.( the relevant technical skills certificate or the qualification proof related to the current job issued by the previous company);
5. Copy of passport;
6. Copy of Labor Contract;
7. 8 pieces of recent identification photo.

Procedures of Applying for Work Permit
1. Before entry China, employer should apply for employment permitting certificate for foreign employee.
2. Employer should apply for Invitation Letter from Municipal Foreign Economic and Trading Commission for foreign employee.
3. Foreign Employee applys for Z visa in local China embassy, with employment permitting certificate and Invitation Letter;
4. Go for physical examination in designate hospital, or make confirmation procedures.  (Apply for “work permit certificate” within 15 days after entry China);
5. After physical examination, handle Temporary Resident Registration Form (offered by Public Security Bureau);
6. Employer applies for “Foreigner Work Permit”.
7. Apply for Residence Permit from Exit and Entry Administration Bureau with temporary resident registration form. Only when foreigners hold work permit and residence permit , they can be employed in China legally and protected by Chinese laws.

Charging Standard
Service Fee (3800RMB/ person) +Government Fee (reimbursable)

Contact Us
For further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Tannet at anytime by calling Shanghai Hotline: 021-68877368,  18101640557 
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