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China Work Visa Application Requirements

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China work application is applicable to the foreign people who wants to work or invest in China. China Work visa (Z Visa) is issued to those who have obtained employment permit and intend to work in China. Holder of Z visa should enter China within 90 days after visa is issued and must register at local public security bureau within 30 days of arrival, where the China Residence Permit will be issued to replace Z visa to allow multiple entry for one year. In order to apply for China Z Visa, please prepare and send in your application according to the detail requirement explained below. If all the materials are well prepared, the whole process takes about 1-3 months.

Requirements and Conditions on Applicant
1. At the age of 18 and above, with good physical health;
2. Have professional skills and work experience necessary for the job;
3. Have employment unit;
4. Holding a valid passport or other international travel documents and valid visa;
5. No criminal record.

Required Materials for Enterprise to Hire Foreigners
1. Business License;
2. Organization Code Certificate;
3. Official seal;
4. Tax certificate of state and local taxes in last year;
5. Labor contract (chief representative's letter of appointment);
6. Leasing contract or property certificate; (must be commercial office buildings and have been filed an record at the Housing Leasing Administration)
7. Contact information (such as telephone number, fax, etc);
8. Full name and telephone number of Chinese contact person.

Information provided by overseas people who need to apply for work visa in China
1. Original and copy of foreign applicant's passport, visa, entry and exit records;
2. The highest degree (academic) certificate or related approval documents, professional qualification certificate; and notarized by the certification authority and the notary public;
3. Contract of employment or certificate of employment (original one and be signed by the applicant, stamped by the employing unit);
4. Certificate of work qualification;Certificate of work experience related to the employment of the first post by the applicant's original work unit, including position, working period, projects that have ever been done, proof of contact;
5. Temporary accommodation registration form;
6. Applicant's nationality, and certificate of non crime record issued by the government of the long-term residence country, which should be notarized by certification authority and the consulate;
7. Health certificate of the applicant;
8. Photo receipt of foreign visa applicant。

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