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China Barcode Application Procedures

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China barcode application will be implemented through GS1, which is a global keeper of barcodes. Although there is no law that you must have a barcode, most retailers and distributors will require you to have one for inventory and sales records purposes. And If you are planning to sell your products in a retail market, you should register your product with GS1.

Significance of Barcode Application
Piracy and counterfeiting have become more and more common around the world, and such scams can affect your business or industry economically. Counterfeiters are becoming very smart about what they are doing and one of the best solutions for preventing counterfeit items from making their way into our retail environment is by using barcode labels.

However, you can use your labels and packaging to fight back against counterfeiting. If you have a product that is at high risk of being duplicated, you can create your own barcode that contains specific information so that it can be scanned to ensure that it is a genuine product. Having a barcode to scan assures retailers that your product is legitimate and safe. These codes can prevent counterfeit pharmaceutical products, wine, baby formula, and even fraudulent unsafe software from getting into consumer hands.

Process for Barcode Application
The most important implementation resource for barcode identification are the over 100 GS1 Member Organisations in countries all around the world. This guide takes new barcode users through the basic steps they must take to begin using barcodes.

10 Steps to Barcode Implementation are as follows:
Step 1: Get a GS1 Company Prefix;
Step 2: Assign numbers;
Step 3: Select a barcode printing process;
Step 4: Select a "primary" scanning environment;
Step 5: Select a barcode;
Step 6: Pick a barcode size;
Step 7: Format the barcode text;
Step 8: Pick a barcode colour;
Step 9: Pick the barcode placement;
Step 10: Build a barcode quality plan.

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