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China Barcodes Application Importance

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Why do you need a barcode?/How to create a barcode?
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China barcodes application is of great importance. Are you a business owner who is going to launch a new product and want to know if you need a barcode on your label? Or perhaps you are an enterprise owner who has a product, and you are considering adding a barcode to your trademark. You may not be sure if you really need a bar code. Well, we're here to help you get rid of the headaches and pressure. Let us clear the needs and uses of the bar code!

Barcodes are a way to transfer data. The symbols of the barcode represent various factors, such as manufacturer, price and name of a product. Barcodes are scanned to transfer information about a particular item to a computer, cash register or point of sale system.

Barcodes make doing business much more efficient for companies. Barcodes provide a method to track and store information about goods, from individual items to large stocks of thousands or even millions of items. They serve an important role and provide advantages compared with manually entering information. For more information of the importance of the barcodes, please refer to the following introduction.

Why do you need a barcode?
1. Error Prevention
Tracking errors make your inventory less accurate, which ultimately costs more money. Prior to barcodes, employees manually tracked individual items. Manual tracking leads to many human errors. Barcodes can track items with an error rate of about one error for every three million entries. At this rate, barcodes are nearly 10,000 times more accurate than manual entry.

2. Cost Savings
Barcodes save lots of money. Prior to their advent, employees tracked merchandise. It costs more money to employ added workers, and more money and time are spent tracking large quantities of goods. Eliminating excess employees makes companies more efficient and increases the bottom line.

3. Inventory Control
Barcode scanning can control inventory. When the barcode of a particular item is scanned, it can be added or subtracted from inventory counts. Barcoding items keeps inventory counts accurate.

Brief introduction on how to create a barcode
1. Order a subscription to a GS1 Company Prefix;
2. Choose barcode type (data carrier);
3. Calculate the barcode number;
4. Choose the right barcode size;
5. Create the optical barcode;
6. Barcode placement;
7. Check the barcode quality.

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