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UK Barcodes Registration

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UK barcodes registration refers to get your numbers and barcodes registered through GS1 UK. Once you register your barcodes, you get a future-proofed, unique identification system that can save money and add value throughout your business. A barcode visually represents numbers, letters (and other characters) using combinations of light and dark bars so scanners can read them quickly and accurately. Black and white bars create the most effective barcode images, although some other combinations can be used.

Understanding Barcode Rules
In retail, barcodes are printed on product packaging or labels for scanning at the point of sale. When the barcode is scanned the GTIN is decoded, identifying the product and providing access to further product information stored on the retailers’ computer systems, such as the product price. There are different barcodes types for consumer units, cases or pallets. Here is a quick overview of commonly used ones.

I. Barcode types
1. Products
Items scanned at the retail point of sale are usually identified using an 8- or 13-digit GTIN. This is then displayed in a GS1 barcode - also known as an EAN-8 or EAN-13 barcode.

2. Outer cases
For cases scanned in a warehouse or distribution centre you may use any of the following coding symbols - depending on the type of outer case packaging material or the type of information required by trading partners.

II. Barcode image rules
It’s vital that you print barcodes accurately so that they scan as they should at point of sale and point of delivery. If you don’t, you may face problems such as:
1. Costly re-packaging;
2. Unnecessary delays at retail stores;
3. Lost sales.

Each barcode image must meet guidelines that specify:
1. Bar height;
2. Barcode position on the label or packaging;
3. Barcode colour and background;
4. Barcode print quality.

Your packaging designer or provider will normally be familiar with these rules and will make sure the barcode is compliant.

III. How to make sure my barcode works?
You can either validate your barcodes to check their format accuracy, or verify them for consistency at the point of production.

You can also physically send your product in its barcoded packaging to one of our accredited solution providers who will verify it to make sure it is printed correctly.

You can even go one step further and install specialist verification equipment on your production line to check barcode quality and consistency as your products are made.

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