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UK Barcodes Registration Process

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How to get a barcode for your products?
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UK barcodes registration means get the barcodes registered though GS1 UK. You've seen barcodes on everything from food items at the grocery store to patient wristbands at hospitals. You may have noticed that they come in different forms and can contain varying amounts of data. What are barcodes exactly? A barcode is a set of parallel lines atop a series of numbers, letters, and/or characters that stores information. Machines decipher this form of visual data and use it to complete a task, like track or catalog an item. There are over a dozen different types of barcodes serving different purposes and systems all over the world.

How to get a barcode for your products?
Step 1: What type of symbol?
The first thing that you will need to do is to determine which type of barcode you need based on what the product is that you are intending to sell. There are several types of barcode symbols that can be used at retail point of sale so read through this section and decide which one you will need.

1. UPC - Universal Product Code
UPC-A is used mainly in the USA and Canada for all types of trade items.

2. EAN - International Article Number (formerly European Article Number)

3. ISBN - International Standard Book Number

4. ISSN - International Standard Serial Number

Step 2: To register your barcode
Next you will need to purchase some barcode numbers for the type of barcode that you will use on your product.

You may choose to obtain a GS1 company prefix ("prefix") from GS1 which gives you a block of identification numbers for your products. GS1 is an international organization that sets and maintains standards in supply and demand chains across the globe. They have over 100 member organization worldwide that all use and work to implement GS1 systems and standards in many sectors and industries.

Many companies become members of GS1 for their barcode requirements since they have to buy numbers in bulk. You will need an individual number for each different item you sell so for example if you have a style of jumper which comes in five different colors you will need five different numbers, one for each colour. Registration isn't necessarily cheap for a small business and membership must be renewed annually (for a fee) in order to retain your prefix.

Step 3: Making a barcode symbol for your number
Next you will need to produce your barcode image using your numbers.
You can make any barcode image using this generator for free simply by entering the numbers you have been assigned. The generator can make EANs, UPCs, ISBNs, ISSNs and any other barcode symbology you could ever need at point of sale including the new GS1 DataBar symbols that are especially useful for variable weight items.

Step 4: Applying it to your product packaging
The final thing that you need to do is to apply your barcodes to your items.
You can either print off an image of your barcode on to labels that you stick to your product or you can incorporate your barcode into the product's packaging design. You should obtain final proofs from your designers and must check for conformity to make sure the design doesn't impede scanning of the barcode.

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