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Malaysia Company Secretary Services

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Malaysia company secretary services is necessary when register a private limited company in Malaysia. Investors have to appoint a local company statutory secretary with Malaysia residential address and are licensed by Malaysia Company Secretaries Association to perform the registration procedure and other part of company services.

Duties and responsibilities of Malaysia Company Secretary
(1) To ensure compliance of the provisions of Companies Law and rules made there-under and other statutes and bye-laws of the company.

(2) To attend the broad meetings in order to ensure that the legal requirements are fulfilled, and provide such information as are necessary.

(3) To carry out all matters concerned with the allotment of shares, and issuance of share certificates including maintenance of statutory Share Register and conducting the appropriate activities connected with share transfers.

(4) To prepare, approve, sign and seal agreements leases, legal forms, and other official documents on the company’s behalf, when authorized by the broad of the directors or the executive responsible.

(5) To engage legal advisors and defend the rights of the company in Courts of Law.

(6) To have custody of the seal of the company.

(7) Filling of various documents/returns as required under the provisions of the Companies Law.

(8) Proper maintenance of books and registers of the company as required under the provisions of the Companies Law.

Other secretary services
Other than the responsibilities of the secretary, we do provide other services such as answering call & fax, corresponding address provided, short term meeting room / office rental, and all sort of things included for virtually office.

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