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In Malaysia, every limited company must hold an annual general meeting in each calendar year, not more than fifteen months after the previous annual general meeting. A newly incorporated company must hold its first annual general meeting within eighteen months of its date of incorporation. The Company must lodge an annual return with the CCM within one month after the date of every annual general meeting.

I. Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Malaysia Limited Company
Annual general meeting may sometimes be referred to as Annual Company Shareholders Meeting. According to the Section 169(1), the Board of Directors are to table the Audited Financial Statements upon the AGM within the period stipulated above or within six (6) months from the date of its financial year end, whichever the earlier.

II. Annual Returns of Malaysia Limited Company
The Companies are required to lodge its Annual Return and Audited Financial Statements to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) within one (1) month pursuant to the Section 165(4) after the date of its AGM held. Failing to comply of the above sections will result in fine and penalty imposed by the SSM. Thus, it is important for all directors to understand their rights and responsibilities in complying with the requirements to avoid any unnecessary charges by the SSM.

III. Information of Annual Returns
The annual return of a company shall be in accordance with the Eighth Schedule of the CA. The annual return must include:

1. A copy of the last audited accounts comprising the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts certified by a director, manager or secretary of the company (including every document required to be attached thereto); and
2. A certified copy of the auditor’s report.

Besides, an annual return of a Company shall also consist of the following general information:
1. Registered office address;
2. Business office address;
3. Branch office address;
4. Principal business activities;
5. Total authorized capital registered;
6. Total paid-up capital;
7. Charges registered with SSM (i.e. company assets pledged);
8. Company directors;
9. Appointed company secretary;
10. Shareholders.

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