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Vietnam Bookkeeping Service

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Vietnam bookkeeping service is one of the important followup services after the company establishment. Managing accounting and bookkeeping in Vietnam can prove to be a time consuming and constantly changing area of compliance, even for those well-versed in investment within the country. Shifting regulations, changing interpretations of existing legislation, and convergence with international norms all coalesce to form a compliance environment with significant costs.

It is essential that a business in Vietnam stays abreast of its accounting as there are 30 tax payments required each year. These take an average of 770 hours to complete, which is four times longer than the 177 hours, it can take in OECD high income countries. Tax payments account for about 39% of government revenue. Effective and efficient accounting can help settle potential investment and business disputes and monitor informal charges - an endemic system for Vietnam.

Accounting standards and policies in Vietnam have been constantly undergoing significant changes in order to keep pace with updated international standards and practices. Therefore, preparing financial statements and tax reports becomes a time-consuming task that requires a lot of company resources, which is especially taxing for new companies lacking the ability to train and hire skilled accountants. As a result, outsourcing all accounting and tax responsibilities to a specialized accounting service provider has emerged as the most viable, effective, and economical solution for a significant number of companies.

Tannet provides a complete range of financial, accounting and reporting services designed to help clients do business in Vietnam efficiently by focusing on core business.

By outsourcing the service to us, we could ensure your financial reporting is transparent, up-to-date and accurate. We manage our clients’ accounting processes and reporting - both internal and external - without any conflict of interest.  Our service gives client clarity of accounting stands at all times, ensuring full transparency.

Our services included:
1. Account Reconciliation;
2. General Ledger Maintenance;
3. Payroll Processing and Administration;
4. Cash Flow Management;
5. Filing account documents.

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