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Hong Kong Company Bookkeeping Service

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Hong Kong company bookkeeping service is one of Tannet's followup services. Hong Kong account is regulated by the HKICPA under the Professional Accountants Ordinance. The auditing industry for limited companies is regulated under the Companies Ordinance and other Ordinances such as the Securities and Futures Ordinance, the Listing Rules, etc.

In order to save cost and better set up a strict Hong Kong company bookkeeping system, more and more Hong Kong companies are willing to select a reliable bookkeeping agent which provides professional Hong Kong company bookkeeping to enhance their management and specify the standards of Hong Kong company bookkeeping.

Tannet provides Hong Kong Company bookkeeping services on monthly or regular basis, so as to ensure our clients comfort with the Hong Kong filing requirements for business records. If a Hong Kong company has no operations, it can apply for zero tax return; if it has, the bookkeeping for tax return still varies. Our Hong Kong company bookkeeping extends to consulting on the most efficient and effective ways to set up accounting systems for different industries.

Tannet Services Included:
(1) Setting Up of Appropriate Accounting Systems;
(2) Maintenance of Accounting Books and Records;
(3) Preparation of Monthly, Periodic and Annual Financial Reports;
(4) Management Accounting for Hong Kong Companies;
(5) Treasury Services for Hong Kong Companies.

We have assisted many clients from corporate formation to become well-established companies in Hong Kong. With our strong connection to CPA firms, China accounting firms, law firms and other professionals such as lawyers and surveyors, Tannet offers a complete one-stop service, tailored to suit our client’s requirements, in a most cost-effective manner.

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If you have further enquire, please feel free to contact Tannet at anytime, anywhere by simply visiting Tannet’s website, or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82143422, or emailing to

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