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Seychelles Bank Account Opening

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Seychelles bank account opening is a highly popular choice among worldwide investors for a number of reasons. The Seychelles has improved its banking system greatly over the past decades. With a highly advanced banking system, Seychelles offers a competitive environment for offshore investors who wish to set up a Seychelles offshore account. To ensure that every step is complete in line with the banking regulations in the Seychelles, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a consultancy firm.

Benefits of Banking in Seychelles
(1) High-level confidentiality;
(2) A world name bank, one of the oldest and largest banks in the world;
(3) Full range of payment solutions – accounts in several currencies, Internet banking, international (4) wire transfers, payment card, checkbooks, trade finance;
(5) Low minimum balance requirements;
(6) Full operative secure Internet banking facilities, with no need to install specific software on your personal computer;
(7) Companies and clients from any country, including newly formed companies from lot-tax jurisdictions and tax havens are welcome;
(8) No personal visit to the bank in Seychelles is required to open a bank account;
(9) Free account application – the bank charges no fee for account opening.

Information Required for Bank Account Opening
1. Company documents:
notarized copies of standard company documents (certificate of registration, memorandum & articles of association, registers of directors and shareholders, certificate of good standing, power of attorney if applicable);

In case of bearer share certificates, as well as for corporate directors and shareholders, please ask us for exact requirements.

2. Personal documents:
(1) notarized copy of ID (passport is preferable, or driving license, national identity card/document, armed forces identity card);
(2) proof of address (either utility bill, or bank statement, credit card statement, bank reference letter, address confirmation from employer, etc);
(3) proof and source of initial funds into the account (bank statement, or salary advice, or letter from employer).

Important Tips
1. All copies should be duly certified by a notary public, reputable bank, Consulate, Embassy, governmental body, lawyer, accountant, management company (where applicable), or other professional body, with the name, signature, and position of the certifier, and the company stamp.
2. All documents must be in English or French. A certified translator must translate documents in other languages.

Contact Us
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