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Business Plan for Company Establishment

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Business plans are always demanded by entrepreneurs, managers, and large multinational corporations (MNCs). These studies are aimed at empowering our clients and providing them with a clear outline on how to run a robust business in China. Our business plans include specific information on the market, 3-year cash flow projections, benchmarks of competitors and an estimation of investment needs. Project managers also provide a recommended plan of action to help our client’s business thrive in the ever-evolving Chinese market.

Tannet Consulting provides a range of services to craft actionable business plans in China.
1. Business plan and synthesis – we analyse and pinpoint where the points of a business plan clashes and how to resolve the conflict.

2. Correction of Business Plan – our team identifies weaknesses and provides recommendations for correcting and refocus business plans for China.

3. Business Plan Translation – Our team of multilingual analysts doesn’t just translate the language for your stakeholders or local partners, but the ideas and vision behind it.

4. Business Plan for a new activity – analysing case studies and past successes, we can create comprehensive plans of action for new ventures in China.

To provide you with the best business plan in China, Tannet Consulting’s process involves all our customized methodologies of market research and consulting in China:
Online survey;
Market analysis;
Focus group;
Mystery shopping;
Branding in China;
Final delivery of business plan documents.

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