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Accounting Contract Services

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Whether you need accounting services or you are an accountant yourself, you'll want to create an Accounting Contract before getting down to business. Having a contract in place helps clarify your rights and responsibilities, since it explains what's expected of each party. If there are any questions about the accounting services, you'll always be able to refer to the Accounting Contract as your written record.

Use the Accounting Contract document if:
• You're an accountant or accounting firm about to work with a new client, and you'd like to clearly define your accounting or bookkeeping services.
• You're an individual who'd like to hire an accountant to handle your personal accounting needs, and you want an agreement in writing.
• You are a business owner hiring an accountant or accounting firm to handle certain aspects of your business, finances, and you want a contract for your records.

An Accounting Contract (also called a Bookkeeping Contract) is a useful tool if you're an accountant or you're hiring an accountant to help with your books. The contract details all the terms and conditions of your business arrangement, giving you a better understanding of not just your rights and obligations, but also the scope of the accounting services.

The Accounting Contract should include information like: the name and address of the accountant or accounting firm; which state the accountant is licensed in; the name and address of the client (either an individual or a business); the length of the agreement; the services to be performed (for example, preparation of journals and ledgers, financial statements, or tax returns); whether the accountant charges an hourly, monthly, or quarterly fee; how often the accountant will be paid; how the agreement can be terminated; who will sign the contract; and which state's laws will govern the agreement. You can also define any services you'd like to exclude from the contract.

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