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Singapore Tax Return Filing

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Singapore tax return filing is also called as Singapore company tax filing. Every company in Singapore is required to file their yearly tax returns with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. The guide to tax return filing in Singapore is what investors should be aware, if they plan to start their business.

Preparation for Tax Return Filing
A. Taxable Incomes Calculation
Before tax return filing, you may need to know how to calculate their taxable incomes. You may entrust one agent like us to help you with accounting and tax; which could help you better understand the company’s financial status; moreover, it is quite complicated for the calculation, since a company incurs are not tax deductible while some of the income is not taxable and meanwhile some income may need to be taxed separately.

B. Proper Tax Planning
When filing the tax return, it is quite necessary for a company to make proper tax planning, that is to say, a company could use some strategies to reduce the amount of tax that it should pay, like the establishment of a business in an area with tax rebates and subsidies or change the location of the business to take advantage of favorable corporate taxes.

C. Filing the Tax Return
You are required to file the tax return for your company each year. There are some documents you should prepare like certain forms, tax computation statement (together with supporting schedules) and the audited or unaudited financial accounts.

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