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Irish Company Formation FAQs

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Irish company formation is a good choice for investors to expand European markets. The country has a pro-business environment and attractive taxation rates. Its positive image as an excellent corporate domicile and on-shore jurisdiction, makes Irish company formation an attractive proposition for international tax planning purposes. Tannet has kept close relation with reliable local associates in Ireland, therefore we can assist you through the whole registration process.

Q: Why Set up a Business in Ireland?
The major advantages of company incorporation in Ireland are as follows:
(1) Ireland has a low 12.5% Corporation Tax rate and is a pro business environment;
(2) Low Share Capital Requirement, as low as€100;
(3) Ireland is an English Speaking Jurisdiction, the only one in the Eurozone;
(4) Ireland is ranked in the top 10 easiest places in the world to do business;
(5) Making changes to the company is relatively simple.

Q: Who Can form a Company in Ireland?
Anyone in Ireland can form a company. If you are not Irish resident, Tanne can help you take care of the whole process.

Q: How many Directors are needed to form a company?
A minimum of two directors are required to form a company. And at least one director should be European Economic Area (EEA) resident.

Q: What is a Company Secretary?
A Company Secretary has specific duties under Irish Legislation. One of the Company Officers must be appointed as Secretary, and this can be one of the Company Directors. The General responsibility of the Company Secretary is to ensure that the company is complying with all legislation.

Q: What are the Requirements on Registered Address?
A P.O. Box number is not allowed to be as an address. A registered office must be a physical location. For more information about requirements on incorporating an Irish company, please refer to

Q: How long does it take to form a company?
Generally, it can take anywhere from five working days to 15-20 working days to form a private limited company after we receive all the required materials.

Q: When must the first annual return be made?
A companies first Annual Return must be made no later than 6 months after Incorporation of the Company. Failing to make an annual return can have serious implications on a company. Possible penalties can include; The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) can take legal action against the Directors of the company, the company can loose Audit Exemption, fines may be accumulated including fines increasing at a daily rate, and possible involuntary dissolution of the company.

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