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China Barcodes Application FAQs

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China barcode application is important for enterprises and business individuals who will manufacture and sell their products in China. Products need to carry barcodes to be displayed and sold, and to venture into the Chinese domestic market requires an established method of application. Barcodes serve an important role and provide advantages compared with manually entering information.

For companies intending to break into the Mainland market, top-tier department stores are effective channels to promote brand names and boost sales. Chances are high that products without barcodes will be rejected by the top-tier department stores and supermarkets.

Q: Who are eligible for application?
Producers, sellers and service providers who have acquired a business licence and other relevant business qualification certificates in accordance with the law are eligible to apply for a company prefix. This means that individuals cannot apply for barcode.

Q: Why should I register the barcodes?
Barcodes make doing business much more efficient for companies. The major advantages are as follow:

1. Improve operational efficiency;
2. Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error;
3. Improves inventory control;
4. Meet customer or regulatory requirements.

Q: What materials are needed for application?
Generally, the applicant needs to provide the following information:
1. A duly completed application form with company stamp affixed;
2. One copy of business licence with seal;
3. Proof of fee payment;
4. One copy of the catalogue of products using the barcodes (including information on product name, model number and specifications and packaging).

Q: How to use the overseas barcodes in China?
Foreign enterprises which produce or distribute products with barcodes registered abroad should file for record with the relevant Chinese authorities if they are going to sell their products in China’s market, which is the so-called overseas barcodes record filing. For more details, please refer to

Q: What can be done for barcodes renewal?
Product barcodes are valid for two years, and members should lodge an application for renewal three months prior to the expiry date. Applicants should fill out the Registration Form for Renewal of Membership of the China Product Barcode System in duplicate copies with company stamp affixed. For more details, please refer to

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