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China Company Registration FAQs

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China company registration can also refer to China corporate formation, China business setup and China company incorporation. The business environment and legal structure in China are significantly different from the typical business climate encountered in other countries. As company incorporation specialists, Tannet is committed to helping our clients derive optimal business structures and achieve a smooth company formation process. Below are the frequently asked questions about setting up a foreign invested enterprise in China.

Q: What kind of enterprise can be incorporated by foreign investment in China?
A foreign investment enterprise can be incorporated in the form of wholly foreign-owned enterprise, sino-foreign equity joint venture, sino-foreign co-operative joint venture and foreign investment partnership enterprise.

Q: How to name a foreign investment enterprise?
A foreign investment enterprises should be composed of administrative division, enterprise name, industry and organisational form. Company name shall not be identical to the name of other registered company in the same industry or unstated industry, except for those with investment relations

Q: What are the requirements on the registered address?
The enterprises shall have actual working places, normally in office, commercial and residential buildings or business centers, etc.

Q: What are the requirements on the capital subscription?
The time frame of capital subscription should be subscribed in the articles of association, it includes the following two-ways:

(1) The capital to be subscribed in lump sum as contemplated in the articles of association shall be paid up within three years from the date of issuing business license;or
(2) The capital to be subscribed by installment as contemplated in the articles of association shall be paid up within three years from the date of issue of business license, with the first installment not to be less than 15% of the amount of capital subscription.

Q: What are the forms for foreign investment enterprise to subscribe capital?
The subscribing capital can be in the form of cash, or property, plant, machinery equipment or other materials, industrial property right, special technology, right to the use of a site and others.

Q: Will a separate application be required for import/export rights?
Enterprise needs to apply for registration with relevant authority and get the import/export rights before conducting import/export business.

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