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Hong Kong Company Incorporation FAQs

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Hong Kong company incorporation is also referred to as Hong Kong corporate formation or Hong Kong business setup. Setting up a Hong Kong company is the heart of doing business in Hong Kong and the basis of getting up and running. You may wonder and ask how hard the company formation process is here in Hong Kong. The following are the frequently asked question on Hong Kong company registration for your reference.

Q: How to register a local limited company in Hong Kong?
You have to choose the company type and a company name first. In choosing a company name. Then, you have to deliver the application documents with the correct fees either electronically  or in hard copy form to the government office.

Q: Can non-Hong Kong residents incorporate a local limited company in Hong Kong?
Yes. Non-Hong Kong residents may incorporate a local limited company in Hong Kong. If you do not often stay in Hong Kong or you are not familiar with the incorporation procedures, it is advisable for you to contact some local professional firms e.g. solicitors, accountancy or secretarial firms etc. for advice and/or appoint them to act on your behalf to set up a company in Hong Kong.

Q: How to choose a company name?
Both English and Chinese Name are acceptable. An English company name must end with the word “Limited” and a Chinese company name must end with the characters “有限公司”.

The Company cannot use name, which already used by other existing registered Hong Kong Company. Wording such as "Trust”, "Chamber of Commerce", "Bureau", "Cooperative" etc. can not be used unless approved by Registrar of Companies.

Q: Is there any requirement on the minimum amount of paid-up capital?
There is no requirement on the minimum amount of a company's paid-up capital under the Companies Ordinance.

Q: What are the requirements of directors and company secretary of a company?
Take private company as an example. A private company must have a company secretary and at least one director who is a natural person (i.e. an individual). The sole director of a private company must not also be the company secretary. A private company having only one director must not have a body corporate as its company secretary the sole director of which is the sole director of the private company.

If the company secretary is a natural person, he or she must ordinarily reside in Hong Kong. If the company secretary is a body corporate, the address of its registered or principal office should be in Hong Kong. There is no requirement under the Companies Ordinance that a director must be a Hong Kong resident.

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