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HSBC Bank Business Plan

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To HSBC Bank

XXXX  LIMITED is set up on 25TH of JULY in HK, the company specially works on general trading specially in electronics, communication products. The main activity of the company will be based on trading. We will buy products from China and we will sell in Africa. 

We already find several suppliers in China: Shenzhen, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Also We find already serious partners in Ghana, France, Monaco, Italy.

According the company business income, we expect that the turnover of our company will arrive at HKD 6 million per year in average and monthly trade volume of it will be 500.000 HK dollars. As the company's business expands, the company is confident of achieving the monthly turnover of not less than 1 million HK dollars. 

The turnover will be increased base on the futures customers and suppliers. Our terms of payment will be 50% along with the order and 50% before the products left China. We will avoid any financial risk.

The main products supply by our company: electronics, computers, communication products, construction products, etc. 

As the company's business grows, there will be more overseas customers. The company will have a registered capital account to facilitate the import of foreign currency and overseas funds. This should prove more convenient for the company in its international business dealings. 

                         XXXX  LIMITED


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