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EU Trademark FAQs

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EU trademark registration is undoubtedly a good way to protect your intellectual property rights in European Union countries. In the EU, there is a four-tier system for registering trade marks. What you choose depends on the needs of your business. An EU trade mark is valid for 10 years. It can be renewed indefinitely, 10 years at a time for each renewal. Tannet introduces the frequently asked questions about EU trademark to you, as shown below.

Q: Who can apply for a trademark?
Any natural person or legal entity that has legal capacity can apply for one. Note, that there are some countries where non-resident entities are required to appoint a local attorney to represent them before the national authorities.

Q: What are the classes of goods and services?
Goods and services are classified into 45 specific classes based on an international agreement. The Nice Agreement is applied in 78 countries involving all European countries.

When filing a registration, it is strongly recommended to prepare the list of goods carefully since the owner is obliged to use the trademark according the list. It is important to note that the more classes are indicated in the application, the more the registration will cost the applicant.

Q: What needs to be done before filing a trademark application?
First of all, it is suggested to choose a mark that best fits both the products and the profile of the company in question. Once a mark is chosen it is highly recommended to complete a similarity search in the targeted country as holders of conflicting earlier trademarks may hinder the registration of our trademark.

Q: What is needed for registration?
Clear presentation of the mark, list of goods/services in relation to the intended use, power of attorney are generally required.

Q: When can the owner start to use his trademark actively?
Although protection is granted by registration, it is granted with retroactivity to the date of filing. Therefore, the applicant may start to use the mark from the time of filing.

Q: What does a granted legal protection imply for the owner of a trademark?
The owner gets the exclusive control over his trademark after the registration is completed. He is also granted legal protection against any other entities using similar or identical marks on similar or identical goods and services without authorization.

Q: How long does my trade mark registration last?
A trade mark remains registered for a period of ten years from the date it was filed. It might be renewed six months before its expiring date. This means that your trade mark may be in force indefinitely providing the trade mark is properly renewed. If we are your legal representation we will advise you accordingly before the expiring date of your trade mark registration.

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