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UK Barcodes Application FAQs

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Most people today have seen barcodes, they are printed on nearly every item in a supermarket. They are either UPC or EAN13 linear barcodes. Most linear barcodes are nothing more than a "license plate" that identifies a specific item. The numbers stored in the barcode are unique identifiers that, when read, can be used by a computer to look up additional information about the item. The price and description of the item is not stored in the barcode. The following are the frequently asked questions about barcodes in United Kingdom.

Q: When do you need to put a bar code on your products?
When a distributor or store that will sell your product requires it. There is no law that says you must bar code a product. However, many national retail chains and most supermarkets require all products they sell to have a bar code that is unique for the specific product. The stores require this "source marking" because it is easier for the company that makes the product to mark it rather than the store. If you don't have a bar code on the product, these stores will not sell the product.

Q: What size should the barcode be?
The nominal size of an UPC-12 image is 37.3mm wide x 25.9mm high. The minimum recommended size is 80% of the nominal size (i.e. 30mm wide). The maximum recommended size is 200% of the nominal size (i.e. 74.6mm wide). Width is more important than height, as the width influences the distance between the bars and how well the scanner can distinguish between them. We recommend test scanning any UPC image prototype produced by your manufacturing facility before going into mass production.

Q: Is there a difference between EAN & UPC barcodes?
EAN-13 is the European standard, which is also used in Australia and has 13 numbers. The UPC barcode system is typically used in the USA and is 12 digits long but can be also be used internationally. (Including Europe & Australia) Scanners can typically read both EAN-13 and UPC codes.

Q: Will the barcode ever expire?
No. Your barcode will never expire. Once the barcode number is issued to you, it is yours for life.

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