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Personnel Management Solutions

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Personnel management, alternatively known as workforce or employee management, refers to the process that an organization recruits and maintains its workforce. Primarily handled by the HR department, this administrative process involves several functions.

Personnel management can be defined as obtaining, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce. It is a significant part of management concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization.

Importance of Personnel Management
1. Key to managerial functions.
The four managerial functions, i.e., planning, organizing, directing and controlling are based upon the manpower. Human resources help in the implementation of all these managerial activities. Therefore, staffing becomes a key to all managerial functions.

2. Efficient utilization.
Efficient management of personnel becomes an important function in the industrialization world of today. Setting of large scale enterprises require management of large scale manpower. It can be effectively done through staffing function.

3. Motivation.
Staffing function not only includes putting right men on right job, but it also comprises of motivational programs, i.e., incentive plans to be framed for further participation and employment of employees in a concern. Therefore, all types of incentive plans becomes an integral part of staffing function.

4. Better human relations.
A concern can stabilize itself if human relations develop and are strong. Human relations become strong trough effective control, clear communication, effective supervision and leadership in a concern. Staffing function also looks after training and development of the work force which leads to co-operation and better human relations.

5. Higher productivity.
Productivity level increases when resources are utilized in best possible manner. higher productivity is a result of minimum wastage of time, money, efforts and energies.This is possible through the staffing and it’s related activities ( Performance appraisal, training and development, remuneration)

Functions of Personnel Management
The functions of personnel management may be classified into two categories:
(A) Management Functions
Management functions of the personnel department may be as under:
(i) Planning: Planning is a fundamental function of personnel management.
(ii) Organization: It is used in the sense of an enterprise or a business unit.
(iii) Directing: It is the managerial function consisting of all those activities which are concerned directly with guiding, influencing and supervising the subordinates in their jobs.
(iv) Controlling :Controlling as a function of management means the measurement and correction of performance of activities of subordinates in order to make sure that enterprise objectives and plans devised to attain them are accomplished.

(B) Operative Functions
Operative function may be discussed as under:
(i) Procurement: It is concerned with the obtaining of the proper kind and number of personnel necessary to accomplish necessary organization goals.
(ii) Development: After the personnel have been obtained, it is necessary to develop them.
(ii) Compensation: This function can be defined as the adequate and equitable remuneration of personnel for their contributions to organization objectives.
(iii) Integration: It can be defined as an attempt to effect a reasonable reconciliation of individual and organizational interests.
(v) Maintenance: Maintenance refers to sustaining and improving the conditions that have been established.

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