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Team Operation: How to Build Your Team

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Team operation refers to build a great small business team. Entrepreneurship is about embracing new ideas, building something new, or doing something different. But to achieve any of these things, there’s another innovation you need to be really focused on your team. Your team is your most important asset.

It’s obvious that your new employees will have come from a variety of backgrounds. They'll have different personalities and therefore different ideas about how to do their jobs. Being a manager, it’s important to recognize this, because having a deep understanding of people is worth its weight in gold. If you can enable each employee to channel their strengths and shine in a way that benefits your business, then you’re on the right track.

How to Build A Strong Team
To build and grow a strong team, it's important to quickly get your employees involved in the day-to-day running of your business. Keep them active and use their strengths to help them integrate and develop.

1. Give them tasks right away
On the first day, your new employees should already be doing useful work. Get them engaged right from the start.

2. Challenge them
Help your employees to push themselves. Use time lines or specific goals (with their input) for them to strive for.

3. Acknowledge their successes
Use the carrot, not just the stick. Always reward success with praise.

4. Mentor your new hires
Partner your new employees with someone senior on the team. The more mentoring you do, the faster your team will take shape.

5. Define roles clearly
Everyone needs to know their job - what's expected of them and what's not. If you don't make this clear, the morale of your employees will suffer, and progress and efficiency will be affected.

6. Extend your team beyond your business
Think beyond the four walls of your business premises. Your team can be more than the people you hire directly.

7. Let your team know that you value them
This is important and quite straightforward. You simply have to take an interest in your staff.

8. Use your people skills to build your team
For your team to thrive you must be approachable, friendly, authoritative and responsible. In other words, a good manager and leader. You may need training to help you become a better manager and there's no shame in that. Running a business is a learning process and just like your employees, you can learn and improve. After all, the better you are at managing people, the better your team will perform and the faster your business will grow.

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