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Marketing Operation: Why You Need Marketing Operations

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Marketing operations is a broad term that collectively describes the function of the marketing organization, including process, technology, and human resources, that allow marketing to efficiently scale with quality and consistency. Marketing today must be more than creative and inspiring. It must be technology-driven, intelligently automated and data-informed.

The word ‘operations’ in the title is just as important as ‘marketing’. Marketing Operations evolved as a way to help companies be more transparent, efficient, competitive, profitable, and accountable. Today, hundreds of companies across multiple industries draw their employees and recruits from backgrounds in branding, finance, technology, accounting, and sales. Tannet’s Business Operation Center is able to provide with you tailor-made marketing operation strategies to improve your brand awareness among the public.

Key Pillars to Define Marketing Operation
There are four key pillars to marketing operations:

1. Budgeting: The amount of money allocated to each marketing function.
2. Technology: CRM, Marketing Automation, Analytics, etc. needed to execute campaigns.
3. Measurement: The frameworks and measurements needed to attribute success.
4. Processes: The work-flows that make our marketing tasks predictable and repeatable.

How to Make Marketing Operations Strategic
Here are 4 ways marketing operations can become strategic.

1. Connect to Enterprise Goals
Context is the mantra for making something strategic. When everyone sees a clear connection between what you're doing and what the enterprise wants to become you'll be viewed as adding strategic value.

2. Connect People
People will always be the source of innovation and productivity, and people working in silos is not strategic, especially when silo work outputs are mis-matched, duplicated, reinvent the wheel, or get scrapped.

3. Connect Processes
Processes that are well-designed and connected can free-up resources, improve work-flow, and keep everyone accountable to one another. Broken processes cause lots of waste: precious time and budget, patience, lost opportunities, turnover, blind spots, and so forth. Silo processes face the same risks.

4. Connect Data
Data spells power when it's connected to paint compelling pictures, to see insightful patterns, and to show connections among various aspects. In and of itself, any data point may be useful, but when you connect data, the value can become exponential.

Bright Future of Marketing Operations
Marketing operation is an organizational approach to creating demand for products and services. It focuses on end-to-end marketing optimization, from planning and budgeting to execution and analysis, and increases efficiency and drives consistent results in marketing-focused organizations. It builds a foundation for excellence by reinforcing marketing strategy with metrics, infrastructure, business processes, best practices, budgeting and reporting.

Today, marketing operations is no longer just the remit of a handful of enthusiastic geeks. It's the core engine making the entire marketing organization smarter, faster, and more cohesive. In other words, marketing operations is all grown up. It's a recognized and respected discipline. And with its rapid maturation comes more responsibility. It's no longer just about a small team experimenting in its own little corner: The decisions made in marketing operation have an impact on sales teams, field marketers, customer service providers.

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