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China Utility Model Patent Registration

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China utility model patent registration is one kind of intellectual property protection. In China, there are three types of patent, namely, invention patent, utility model patent and design patent. Each of them has its distinctive requirements on registration. Utility model in China’s Patent Law represents any new technical solution relating to the shape, the structure, or their combination, of a product, which is fit for practical use. Below is a brief introduction to utility model patent registration in China.

Features for Chinese Utility Model Patent
1. Novelty
There is no invention or utility model at home and abroad has been publicly disclosed in publications or publicly used or known to the public by other means, nor has the same invention or utility model been submitted to the Patent Administration Department of the State Council by other people and recorded in the patent application document published after the application date before application.

2. Creativity
The utility model has substantial characteristics and progress compared with the existing technology before the date of application.

3. Practicability
The utility model can be manufactured or used, and can produce positive results.

How to Register an Utility Model Patent in China?
An utility model patent in China protects the shape or the structure of the product or the proposed applicable new technical plans developed from the combination of both. To file an application, you need to provide:

1. Name of the invention;
2. Name and address of the applicant;
3.Name and address of the inventor;
4. Patent documents, including:
  (1) Claim: describe the protection scope of the patented technology;
  (2) Abstract: provide the outline of the key technical aspect of the patent;
  (3) Specification: provide written details and features of the patented technology;
  (4) Drawings: illustrate structures or details of the patent.

Foreigners, foreign corporations or other foreign organizations without habitual residence or place of business applying for patent in China must appoint an agent to carry out the process.

Application for Government Grant
The Chinese government has set up a special fund to support Chinese applicants to apply for patents in foreign countries, and an applicant who successfully applies for a foreign patent may receive a grant of an amount up to RMB100,000.00.

If you want to apply for this grant, please contact us immediately. We will assist you in the preparation for the documents and materials for the application and provide you with free advisory services so as to help you to successfully apply for the grant from the government.

In addition to patent registration, Tannet also provides other intellectual property services including global trademark registration, copyright registration, and China customs recordation, etc.

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