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New Zealand Patent Application

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A New Zealand patent gives protection within New Zealand. To obtain patent protection in another country, a patent application needs to be filed in that country, or in a region including that country. A patent is a right that is granted for an invention. You can patent a new product or process, the material it is made from, or how something is made.

When you apply for a patent, you must describe the invention. Your invention must be novel, involve an inventive step, and be useful. Be careful about revealing details of your invention to other people before you have filed your application – doing this may cause your application to be declined.

Apply for a patent
Step by step guide that will help make the application process easy to follow and understand. Before making an application it is a good idea to check that the invention hasn't already been patented.

Details on application, amendments, maintenance, renewals and patent attorney fees.

A patent only protects an invention in one country or region. International patent law can make it easier to get patents granted in a number of different countries.

Managing patents
Once you request examination of your patent application, you should hear from us within three months. After the grant of your patent, in exchange for your exclusive rights, the patent description is published to encourage innovation. As a patent owner, you have the exclusive right to commercially exploit an invention for up to 20 years.

During this time you may be able to use your patent to raise money for your business, license or sell your patent, and take legal action to exclude others from using the invention covered by your patent. You may take legal action against any person who infringes your granted patent in New Zealand.

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