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Canada Patent Application

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Canada patent application is one of Tannet's intellectual property services. A patent application consists of an abstract, a specification and, in most cases, drawings. The specification is made up of a clear and complete description of the invention and its usefulness; and claims that define the boundaries of the protection that your patent will give you.

The description must be clear and accurate, and it should be as simple, direct and free from obscurity and ambiguity as possible. The description is addressed to people in the field to which the invention pertains and must be written so that those people would be able to put the invention to the same successful use as the inventor.

After the patent is issued, information you specify as protected by your claims cannot be used freely (for example, to make or sell your invention) by others until the patent expires. Information not protected by your claims can however be used right away by anyone.

The challenge is to draft the claims so your invention is defined broadly enough to provide maximum protection while at the same time being specific enough to identify your invention by making sure it is different from all previous inventions.

Inventions that can be illustrated by drawings must be illustrated in your application for a patent. The drawings must clearly show all parts of the invention. The role of the drawings is to clarify the principles of how a device is constructed rather than to provide all of the particular details of dimensions or relative proportions.

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