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International Patent Application

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International patent application means Tannet provides service for patent registration in many overseas countries and regions. The patents are granted by the national patent office of respective country. An applicant who wants to be granted multinational patents may make application for a regional patent under the "Paris Convention" or with any other regional patent organisations. An applicant may also apply for an international patent under the "Patent Cooperation Treaty" (PCT) administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. 

Types of Application
Different countries and regions have different categorisation for patents. For example:
China: Invention Patent, Utility Model Patent and Design Patent;
Hong Kong: Standard Patent, Short-term Patent, Registration of Design;
The United States: Utility Patent and Design Patent;
Japan: Invention Patent, Utility Model Patent and Design Patent;
Europe:  European Patent and Design Patent.

Required Information and Documents
Application form;
Name of the invention;
Name and address of the applicant;
Name and address of the inventor or designer;
Type of patent;
The application date and the application number of the international stage and the type of patent; (if applicable)
Power of Attorney;
Patent documents.

Application Procedures
1. Determination of Application Types;
2. Submission of Application (International stage);
3. International Search and Examination;
4. Submission of International Application (National stage);
5. Acceptance of Patent;
6. Issuance of Certificate.

Maximum Validity Period
It varies with each country and region. Generally, the duration is 20 years for Invention Patent and 10 years for Utility Model Patent.

Applications documents from the International application include:
Claim: it is the most important document among the patent documents and it describes the protection scope of the patented technology.
Abstract: it provides the outline of the key technical aspect of the patent.
Specification: it provides written details and features of the patented technology.
Drawings: it illustrates structures and details of the patent by drawings.

Contact Us
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