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Patent Application FAQ

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Patent is important for preventing loss of technological achievement, exclusively owning the sales market of the patented product. It is the tool for enhancing enterprises’ core competence and safeguarding its interests. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about patent.

Q: What are the characteristics of patent?
A: The characteristics of patent are as follows:
Distinctiveness: Patent owners have the rights of producing, using and selling the patented product.
Geographical: Patent is valid only in the country or region which was granted.
Timeliness: Patent is valid only within a specific period.

Q: How many types of patent are there?
A: The classification of patent varies with each country and region. Patent is classified as Registration of Design, Short-term Patent and Standard Patent in Hong Kong while as Design Patent, Utility Model Patent and Invention Patent in China.

Q: What is the maximum validity period of a patent?
A: It varies with each country and region. Generally, the duration is 20 years for Invention Patent, 10 years for Utility Model Patent and 10 or 25 years for Design Patent.

Q: What kinds of information or document are required for a patent application?
A: The following information and documents are required for a patent application:
Application form;
Name of the invention;
Name and address of the applicant;
Name and address of the inventor or designer;
Type of patent;
The application date and the application number of the International stage and the type of patent to be applied for (if applicable);
Power of Attorney;
Patent documents.

Q: What are patent documents?
A: Patent documents shall include:
Claim: describe the protection scope of the patented technology.
Abstract: provide the outline of the key technical aspect of the patent.
Specification: provide written details and features of the patented technology.
Drawings: illustrate structures or details of the patent.

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