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China Invention Patent Application

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China invention patent application is one kind of Tannet’s patent application service. According to the statistics from the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), a total of 565,000 applications for invention patents were handled in China in the first half of 2017. The number was a 6.1 percent rise on a yearly basis, as 209,000 invention patents were issued, according to the statistics. As of the end of June, the Chinese mainland held more than 1.22 million invention patents, with 8.9 such patents per every 10,000 people on average.

Conditions for Application
A Chinese unit or individual might file directly an application for invention with SIPO in China, while a foreigner, foreign enterprise, or other foreign organization without a regular residence or business site in China shall entrust a legally established patent agency with the application and such matters.

Examination Process
In China, an invention patent application needs to undergo a two-step examination process, the “formality examination” for examining the formality of the patent application, and the “substantive examination” for examining the substance and patentability thereof. If the patent application has satisfied all formality requirements, the SIPO will publish the application within 18 full months from the filing date of the application. The applicant shall file a request for substantive examination within 3 years from the filing date or else the application will be deemed to be withdrawn.

Timeline and Validity
It will generally take about 3 to 5 years to obtain an invention patent in China. The duration of protection of an invention patent is 20 years commencing from the filing date, and the patentee shall pay annual fees commencing from the year when the patent right is granted.

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