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China Utility Model Patent Application Requirements

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Utility model is one of the three types of patents in China. A utility model patent is granted without substantive examination and can be obtained very quickly. It plays a very important role in providing a quick, short term and flexible protection for certain IP assets.

"Utility model", according to Article 2 paragraph 3 of the Chinese Patent Law, means any new technical solution relating to the shape, the structure, or their combination, of a product, which is fit for practical use.

The utility model only protects the product, and the product should be an entity with a certain space manufactured by industrial methods. However, the manufacturing method, purpose and usage of this product are not in the protection scope of utility model patents. In addition, A utility model must have a definite shape or structure, or a combination of the two. The shape of a product is a definite spatial shape that can be observed from outside. It can not be plane, either.

Features for Chinese Utility Model Patent
1. Novelty: refers to there is no invention or utility model at home and abroad has been publicly disclosed in publications or publicly used or known to the public by other means, nor has the same invention or utility model been submitted to the Patent Administration Department of the State Council by other people and recorded in the patent application document published after the application date before application.

2. Creativity: means that the utility model has substantial characteristics and progress compared with the existing technology before the date of application.

3. Practicability: refers to the utility model can be manufactured or used, and can produce positive results.

Required Information for Application
1.Technology Explanatory Documents:
   (1) Name of the utility model (no more than 15 words);
   (2) Current technology;
   (3) Figures and figure legends;
   (4) Exploit examples;
   (5) Abstract of description (no more than 300 words).
2. PoA (with signature or stamp);
3. Identity Certificates (ID card or business license);
4. Details of applicant and designer (name, address, zip code and telephone number).

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