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Vietnam Industrial Design Registration

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Vietnam industrial design registration is one kind of patent registration in Vietnam. Industrial design is the outward appearance of a product embodied in three dimensional configuration, lines and colors or a combination of such elements. An industrial design shall be protected when it is novel, creative and susceptible of industrial application.

According to the Law on Intellectual Property 2005, some objects shall not be protected as an industrial design; for example, outward appearance which is necessary due to the functions of a product, outward appearance which is of civil or industrial construction works or shape of a product which is invisible during the use of the product.

I. Conditions of industrial design protection
1. Industrial design must be novel worldwide and in comparison with itself. Therefore, if clients publicly disclose industrial design in the market then register it later, there may be able to be refused due to its lack of novelty;
2. Its susceptibility of industrial application: Industrial design shall be used for mass manufacture.

II. Industrial design assessment before registration
To evaluate the ability of successful industrial design registration in countries as well as to save time and money of clients, Tannet kindly suggest clients to assess ability of registration before submitting industrial design protection dossier.

III. Documents needed for Industrial design registration in Vietnam
1. Industrial design registration declaration form as published by the National Office of Intellectual Property (3 sets);
2. Power of attorney (Viet An Law Firm’s form);
3. Images or drawing of industrial design which show every sides of it;
4. Description of industrial design (3 sets);
5. Documents show the trademark ownership, in case the industrial design contains trademark (1 set). Detailed: documents show legal rights to submit dossier (in case the applicant is powered by another (Heredity certificate, Certificate or Agreement of submitting rights transfer, Contract of duties or Labor contract) (1 set);
6. In case clients require priority privilege according to international agreement, please provide us your copies of the first application form or documents of exhibition (1 set);

Note: These documents above needs to be submitted at the same time of declaration form.

IV. Duration of industrial design protection
The industrial design shall be protected for 5 years from the day on which the dossier is submitted and shall be renewed for 2 consecutive times. That means an industrial design shall be protected for 15 years (if it is consecutive renewed after expiration). After that, industrial property shall be not exclusive anymore and other entities could use it without owner’s permission).

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