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Hong Kong Standard Patent Application

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Hong Kong standard patent application is one kind of patent protection in Hong Kong. There are two types of patents for inventions are available in Hong Kong, namely, "standard patent" and the "short-term patent". A standard patent in Hong Kong can be based on a European patent application designating to United Kingdom, or a patent application in the PRC or the United Kingdom (UK). The standard patent is independent from the original foreign patent.

The grant of a standard patent in Hong Kong is based on the registration of a corresponding patent granted by one of the three designated patent offices, i.e. the PRC State Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office or United Kingdom Patent Office.

To register a standard patent in Hong Kong requires a formality examination only, however, once granted they are independent of the corresponding patents granted by the relevant designated patent offices and are enforceable before the Hong Kong Courts. Registration of a standard patent usually takes about six to nine months (as this is merely a re-registration of the corresponding patent granted by the PRC, EU or UK Patent Offices).

Relevant Material Required
The standard patent application details required are:
(1) applicant's full name and address;
(2) English and Chinese names of the new invention;
(3) inventor's name;
(4) publication of the base application;
(5) English and Chinese translation of the abstract.

Applying for a Standard Patent
The grant of a standard patent in Hong Kong, China is based on the registration of a patent granted by one of three patent offices, namely,

1. the State Intellectual Property Office, People's Republic of China;
2. the European Patent Office, in respect of a patent designating the United Kingdom;
3. the United Kingdom Patent Office.

A standard patent application in Hong Kong, China is made in two stages by filing
Stage 1: a request to record the designated patent application, that is the Chinese, EP(UK) or UK published patent application;
Stage 2: a request for registration and grant in Hong Kong, China of the Chinese, EP(UK) or UK granted patent.

Duration of a Standard Patent in Hong Kong
Standard patents in Hong Kong have a term of protection of up to 20 years from the date of filing, subject to payment of annual renewal fees starting from the end of the third year

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