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Patent Application in Vietnam

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Patent application in Vietnam is governed by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). Patent protection has a significant importance to nation, enterprises and inventors. For enterprises (or investors in creating inventions), they shall do business with more advantages than their competitors and solely exploit their inventions to make up for costs which have been invested in creation, continuously investing in other inventions and promoting technology potentials. In addition, they also benefit from granting licenses for others to utilize their patents through licensing contracts.

Information required for application
1. Full name, address and nationality of the applicant;
2. Full name, address and nationality of the writer of the patent/utility solution;
3. Name of Patent/Utility Solution;
4. Prior document number, date of priority and prior country (if asking for the priorities);
5. International document number and announcement number of the international document (if submitting PCT documents to Vietnam);
6. Procuration (power of attorney);
7. Description of patent/utility solution, including name, content of description, content of illustration, content of protection requirement and summary;
8. Copy of the documents asking for the priorities, which are confirmed by the agency to whom the said documents are submitted (applicable to only the documents which require the priority in accordance with Paris Convention).

General information on procedures
1. The duration for registering the priorities in accordance with Paris Convention for the patent/utility solution documents is 12 months since the date of priority;

2. The duration for submitting PCT documents to Vietnam is 31 months since the date of priority;

3. In necessary case, National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam may require additional provision of Confirmation on the transfer and the Vietnamese-language version of the documents which register the priorities;

4. The duration for submitting the requirement of content examination is 42 months (for application for patent monopoly) since the earliest priority date;

5. The duration for examining the form of documents is 1 month since the date of submission and duration for examining the contents is 31 months (if applying for Patent monopoly) or 9 months (if applying for monopoly of utility solution).

6. Announce the document (if the content examination requirement is submitted before the date of document announcement) or since the date when the content examination requirement is submitted (if the content examination requirement is submitted after the date of document announcement).

Validity and maintenance
Validity of the patent monopoly Certificate is 20 years and of the Certificate of utility solution monopoly, 10 years since the date when documents are accepted.

To have the validity of his/her invention protection title maintained,a protection title holder shall pay a validity maintenance fee within six months before the expiration of the validity term.

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