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Project Investment Service

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Project investment is the total amount of monetary (funds) and non-monetary (property) resources that the investor wishes to provide to a project in order to gain some benefit or return upon successful project completion. The investor acts as the project sponsor or champion who evaluates the investment opportunity to determine ROI (Return on Investment) which is a key measure of the project’s performance. 

Necessary investments into a project are made if this project appears to be feasible and economically effective. The project manager needs to carry out feasibility study to justify the project, estimate financial resources necessary for project implementation, and approve the project’s fitness to business goals and objectives. This person or department develops a project proposal document and submits it to the sponsor for review and approval. If the sponsor accepts the project, the necessary amount of investment is to be provided to the project. Tannet can act as your project manager to help evaluate the whole project that you are going to invest. In some senses, you are strongly advised to set up each company for each project actually.

Tannet's project investment is non-directional. In general, there are two kinds of modes: project direct investment and financing and investment matching. The investment projects can be PPP project, BOT project, featured town project, large cultural real estate project, tourism real estate project investment, database venture capital, featured project venture capital, VR venture project. Tannet strives to develop a business that one investment company docking one project investment.

Though years of development, Tannet has established project database and cash pooling to help investors and financier find satisfied partners so as to exchange supplies and demands. In the process of investment and financing matching. Tannet not only take the urgent financing demand into consideration, but also make allowance for the long-term development profitability. In addition to proving funds, we pay more attention to guide enterprises to make money.

Tannet is discovering investment project with high value and high return. Whether overseas or domestic, so long as it's good and steady, Tannet is willing to reach out to those in need and work together to achieve bigger success.

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