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Cambodia Industrial Design Registration

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Cambodia Industrial Design Registration is one of Tannet’s international intellectual property services. An industrial design registration is a form of intellectual property that protects a new, special visual aspect of a product. In Cambodia, industrial designs are protected under the Law on Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs of 2003. along with a Prakas (Declaration) on the Procedure for Registration of Industrial Design of 2006.

Registerable Industrial Designs
Industrial designs must be “new” to be registered, meaning they cannot have been disclosed to the public, anywhere in the world, by publication in tangible form or by use or in any other way, prior to the filing date or, where applicable, the priority date.

Disclosures to the public shall not be taken into consideration if:
1) it occurred within twelve months preceding the filing date or, where applicable, the priority date of the application or,
2) by reason or in consequence of acts committed by the applicant or his predecessor in title or of an abuse committed by a third party. Industrial designs that are contrary to public order or morality cannot be registered in Cambodia.

Required Information
The required materials for filling in the application form are as follows:
(1) Name, address, nationality and contact details of the applicant and inventor;
(2) Title of the industrial design;
(3) International classification of the industrial design;
(4) Indication of the kinds of products for which the industrial design is to be used;
(5) Indication of novelty and protectable points of industrial design;
(6) Short description of industrial design.

Application Process
Industrial design applications are filed with the Department of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft. The application form and any documents forming a part of an application must be submitted in the Khmer.

As soon as the required documentation is submitted and an official fee is paid to the Department of Industrial Property, the Registrar will provide an application number and filing date to the applicant.

The current processing time is approximately four to six months from application to obtaining the registration certificate, assuming all the requirement are fulfilled. This estimate is based on past experience, and may take longer depending on the workload of the Registrar.

Validity and Renewal
The registration of an industrial design is valid for five years from the filing date of the application for registration. The registration can be renewed for two further consecutive periods of five years through payment of the official fee, for a total of fifteen years.

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