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Malaysia Copyright Registration

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Malaysia copyright registration is one of Tannet's intellectual property services. All of the arts are creative expressions of the human mind and are expressed visually, through writing, through sound, through movement, in 3D and in multimedia format. All of these expressions from human mind are called works which can be paintings, poems, novels, articles, drawings, photos, plays, choreography, sculptures, movies, computer games, application software and buildings.

Copyright and its related rights are essential to human creativity. It gives the creators incentives in the form of recognition and fair economic rewards. Creators are assured that their works can be disseminated without fear of unauthorized copying or piracy. This in turn helps increase access to and enhances the enjoyment of culture, knowledge, and entertainment all over the world.

Copyright protects a wide range of works as follows:
Written works (books, manuals, journals, articles and etc.);
Musical works;
Artistic works;
Dramatic and choreographic works;
Films and multimedia products;
Sound recordings;
Computer programs;
Software application.

In order to claim for Copyright, the idea or expression must be recorded in a material forms (CD, DVD, hard disk, thumb drive, SIM card or document).

The only condition for copyright protections is that the work must be original. It requires a degree of independent skill and labour to be expended on behalf of the author.

The copyright symbol is inserted as a reminder to the public that a work has copyright protection. This symbol often followed by the author’s name and the year of creation. Rights provided by copyright protection gives the owners the right to prevent a third party from reproducing, adapting, translating, exhibiting or performing in public, distributing, broadcasting or communicating to the public the protected work without their permission.

Generally, the rights are granted for 50 years after the word was first published or created (depending on the type of works). What is not protected by Copyright? Copyright does not protect ideas, procedures, methods of operation and mathematical concepts. Need to register for copyright registration of copyright allows the created works for the purposes of identifying and distinguishing the titles and ownership of works. Also, it serves as prima facie evidence in a court of law with reference to disputes relating to copyright. 

In Malaysia, there is a system for filing of Copyright. When the work is filed, the Copyright Registry will verify the works and once it is accepted, the copyright certificate will be issued to the applicant. 

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