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China Copyright Overview

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Copyright, as one form of intellectual property, protects one creator’s exclusive right to his or her own original work. Copyright registration in China is administered by the Copyright Protection Centre of China (CPCC). Below is a brief introduction to copyright in China.

Definition of China Copyright
Copyright is actually a bundle of rights enjoyed by the author or creator of an original work, or that his/her successors or licensees assigns to others.

Significance of Copyright
Nearly every business across all industries and sectors possess copyright. Copyright enables you to help protect against others taking credit for your creative work and using it as their own for economic gain and unfair business advantages.

Copyright Registration Process
Applicants begin the application process by completing the copyright registration application form and mailing the application materials to CPCC. After receiving the application, the CPCC will review the application materials, determine the application fee, and notify the applicant. After the applicant pays the application fee, the applicant will receive a notice of receipt of payment and notice of application acceptance. After acceptance, the examination of the application takes approximately 30 working days to complete. After the successful completion of the examination, the applicant will receive a Copyright Registration Certificate.

Registration Time
Applications for copyright registration are within 30 days after the CPCC accepts the application or if supplemental materials are required, within 30 days of receipt of the supplemental materials.

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