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China Copyright Registration

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China copyright registration is one way to protect your copyright in China. Copyright, refers to a legal right, granted to the creator of an original work. It is one type of intellectual property, issued by local copyright government authority. In China, an increasing number of people has realized the importance of copyright registration.

Advantages of Registering
Registering your copyright establishes a public record of your claim, allows you to take legal action against infringement, and may entitle you to statutory damages and attorney’s fees in court.

Categories of Registration
(1) Literary works, which include computer programs;
(2) Musical works, including any accompanying words;
(3) Dramatic works, including any accompanying music;
(4) Pantomimes and choreographic works;
(5) Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works;
(6) Motion pictures and other audiovisual works;
(7) Sound recordings, and
(8) Architectural works.

Required Information
(1) Application of legal entities: A copy of business license or business registration certificate;
(2) Application of natural persons: identity proof of the applicant and identity document of the author;
(3) Application form (with signature of the applicant);
(4) Name and address of the author;
(5) Work description (Name, type, completion date and publication status of the work);
(6) Power of Attorney;
(7) Other necessary information;
(8) Registration Procedures;
(9) Application for upgrades;
(10) Review by registration authority;
(11) Collection of certificate.

Time Required
Generally, it takes 1-2 months.

Term of Validity
(1) Copyright of a natural person's work: throughout the author’s life and 50 years hereafter;
(2) Copyright of a legal entity's or other organizations’ work: 50 years, inclusively, since publication.

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