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China Copyright Registration Procedures

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China copyright registration is strongly recommended in certain circumstances, especially in situations where you expect to license or enforce the copyright-protected work. Copyright protects the producers of any original work, and is relevant to almost all businesses, not just those in the creative industry. Adequate copyright protection can form an important part of an IPR protection strategy.

Process of Copyright Registration in China
Copyright registration in China is administered by the Copyright Protection Centre of China (CPCC). Applicants begin the application process by completing the copyright registration application form and mailing the application materials to CPCC. After receiving the application, the CPCC will review the application materials, determine the application fee, and notify the applicant. After the applicant pays the application fee, the applicant will receive a notice of receipt of payment and notice of application acceptance. After acceptance, the examination of the application takes approximately 30 working days to complete. After the successful completion of the examination, the applicant will receive a Copyright Registration Certificate.

An applicant may complete the copyright registration application form online, then print and sign/seal the application form. Applicants must submit by mail the completed application form, the identification documents of the applicant, any documents of copyright ownership such as commission, succession, license, or assignment agreements, samples of the work, and a brief description of the work to the CPCC.

The brief description of the work should describe the creative intent embodied in the work, the process by which the work was created, that the work is original, able to be reproduced, and meets the legal requirements of a protectable tangible expression. Copyright holders may apply directly for copyright registration or entrust an agent to apply on their behalf. Where an agent is used, the agent must additionally submit his or her identification documents and a Power of Attorney from the copyright holder.

Applications for copyright registration are within 30 days after the CPCC accepts the application or if supplemental materials are required, within 30 days of receipt of the supplemental materials. However, registration may be delayed if registration fees are not paid within 10 days of receipt of the notice for payment.

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