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Copyright Registration in China

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China is a signatory country of the Berne Convention the Universal Copyright Convention, and several other important international treaties in respect of intellectual property rights. Copyright shall exist from the date on which the creation of a work has been completed or from the date on which the development of a software product has been completed.

Two Types of Registration
When applying for copyright registration with the Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC), there are two kinds of registration: for the original state of the rights, and for change of rights.

Copyright registration for the original state of the rights is referred to as “copyright registration”. The registered information mainly includes the title of the work, name of the author, name of the copyright owner, date of completion and date of the first publication, etc. The copyright registration applies only to the original acquisition of a copyright, not to the acquisition of a copyright through assignment.

Registration for change of rights, also referred to as “copyright contract recordation”, includes contract recordation for copyright assignment and contract recordation for licensing. The recorded information mainly includes the title of the work, names of the assigner/licensor and assignee/licensee, the rights that have been transferred, the date of the assignment, or the manner of exploitation, territory and duration of the licence. The registration is not a premise of the effectiveness of the assignment/licence.

Required Information
In order to apply for a copyright registration in China, the following documents are required.
1. Application form, which shall be filled through the online system of CPCC;
2. Sample of the work/source program of the software;
3. Description of the work/instructions of the software in Chinese;
4. Proof of identity of applicant. If the applicant is an individual, a copy of the ID or passport shall be provided; if the applicant is an entity, a copy of the certificate of incorporation/business registration shall be provided. For copyright registration for software, the copy of the certificate of incorporation/business registration of a foreign entity shall be notarised by the notary or legalised by the Chinese Embassy in the foreign country;
5. Proof of ownership, such as a copy of the contract between the author and the applicant in the case that the author is not the copyright owner, or other relevant documents, such as a statement made by the author; and
6. Power of attorney, which shall be provided if the copyright registration is filed through an agent.

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