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China Copyright Registration Benefits

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China copyright registration enjoys many benefits. As in many other countries, copyright registration is a voluntary procedure in China. Copyright exists from the date when the creation of a work has been completed. Since a copyright shall exist automatically when a work or software is completed, why do people need to apply for copyright registration?

The nature and effects of applying for a copyright registration in China are:
It is a preliminary proof of the registered information. Unless there is contrary evidence, the registered facts or deeds are deemed true;

It can be used as a certificate of rights to guarantee transaction security in an assignment of a work/software or a licence for using a work/software;

It can be taken as prima facie evidence in claiming damage to an infringer or in a litigation so as to efficiently lighten the burden of proof of the copyright owner and reduce the lawsuit cost;

In many copyright infringement cases, such as the cases in relation to the Chinese animation “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, the copyright registration certificates have been taken as the main evidence to prove the rights of the copyright owner;

Copyright registration certificates can also be used as evidence to prove prior rights in trademark oppositions, trademark cancellations, and administrative proceedings, etc;

When multiple transfers occur, the assignment deed having been registered has the effect of acting against the third party; and

The software copyright registration certificate is an important factor for the identification of a software product, software enterprise or high & new technology enterprise and for software enterprises to enjoy a preferential tax policy.

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