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Egypt Copyright Registration

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Copyright Registration and Protection in Egypt
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Egypt copyright registration can also be referred to as copyrights registration in Egypt, which includes the original works of literature, art and science, regardless of type, importance or purpose are protected in Egypt as per Law No. 82 of 2002.

In details, this includes works of art expressed in writing, sound, drawings, photography and motion pictures, such as books, writings, speeches, oral works, plays, dramatic works, musical compositions, films, phonographic works, applied art, 3-D works, computer programs and national folklore. Such works are protected for the lifetime of the author plus 50 years following his/her death.

The law also provides protection for related rights, including rights of performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations.

In order for protection to be effective, the work of art is to be original and includes personal efforts, innovation and new arrangement. The Cultural Affairs' Supreme Council at the Ministry of Culture reserves the right to allow publication of the work of art for documentary, transitional, educational, cultural or scientific uses under certain conditions.

Egypt is a member of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. The copyright in Egypt will be protected for 50 years from the filing date.

Filing Requirements on Copyright Application in Egypt
1. A Power of Attorney legalized up to the Egyptian Consulate.
2. A copy from the passport/ID of the applicant and the agent.
3. Filing the respective form for registration purposes.
4. A certificate indicating the registration of the work of art in any other country and the registration data, if any.
5. An original and two copies of the work of art.

Copyright Protection in Egypt
Copyright infringement can occur in various forms. Therefore, proof of copyright is absolutely necessary in an age where the publication, distribution and theft of work is so easy. It is unfortunate that we live in an age where copyright infringement is so common, and creators/owners of work lose substantial money by others using the intellectual property for their own gain. Copyright owners also lose a substantial amount of time and money trying to defend copyright disputes and prove the original work is theirs.

Owners of copyrighted materials and trademarks should register their products in Egypt. Through registration the rights are obtained for the product and allow the legitimate owner to take appropriate action in case of violation. This in itself will not only protect the owners but also contribute to efforts aimed at reducing tremendous amount of illegal users of trademarks and copyrights' infringers. Companies-owners of protected products (especially software producers) have a great potential in investment in software industry in Egypt which in turn will create job opportunities for the population, reduce cost of the software and introduce reasonable sale prices for the lucrative and large market of Egypt.

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