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Labuan Company Auditing

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Labuan company auditing is a step by step process to assist you to file your corporate tax timely. The IRB dateline to submit your corporation tax is 31st May, on every year.

All Labuan companies if trading business is required to keep their account in a proper way and go for audited if the tax election is 3% on net profit for international sales. For Malaysia sales, the corporate tax will be 24% on net profit payable to Malaysia Inland Revenue Board. If your Labuan Company deals with both markets, the auditor will have to audit report made up to reflect “Labuan Business” and “Non-Labuan Business” activities.

The process of Labuan auditing
1. To select and appoint Labuan auditor;
2. Appointment of auditor resolution prepare;
3. Send your account to auditor firm for audit;
4. Auditor will send a draft to finalize the audit report;
5. Once audit report complete, we will prepare for tax filing;
6. We will lodge with IRB together your tax payment to be enclosed together with the signed IRB tax forms.

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