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B2B Innovation in the Modern Markets

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Innovations are a key driver of economic success of societies, ensure profitability of al-most all major economies, and are often the top of the list in terms of management priority. In contrast to the popular opinion, innovation is rarely the product of randomness, coincidence, and surprise, but more likely of inspiration and planning. This is especially relevant in the current digital age, where major trends such as high speed communication technology and Big Data act as a facilitator of the speed, accuracy, and diffusion of innovative ideas.

We will use latest insights from top research and management practice alike to help you and your company to:
Develop a systematic approach to b2b innovation
Train you to evaluate b2b innovation and to find promising venues
Give insights on how you and your company can evolve both individually and or-ganizationally towards a hive of constant innovativeness and ideation.

The course aims at sharpening the participants’ awareness about the relevance of b2b innovation and the benefits it provides to organizations. Upon completion, participants will be proficient in planning, developing, and rolling out b2b innovations tailored to modern market needs and challenges. For doing so, the course relies on various different methods. More specifically, participants will:

Learn the fundamental strategies for b2b innovation and what drives their success;
Get a sound overview on different ways of conducting and rolling out b2b innovation;
Get insights on how to identify & avoid important caveats in b2b innovation;
Be able to decide which strategy fits which kind of product and organization best;
Acquire knowledge about the whole b2b innovation process from real company cases provided by Harvard Business School.

Collaboratively develop their own b2b product or service and it’s rollout strategy along the course.

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